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Our products

Underwriter Plus is a software platform that facilitates the efficient delivery and management of insurance products. Designed for MGAs and Insurers, it has a full feature set and supports transactions via multiple methods including EDI, bordereau and broker portal. Its automated reporting and audit capabilities keep users in control.

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Scheme Trader is based on the same powerful technology as UnderwriterPlus but is tailored for brokers and wholesalers with niche schemes. It manages the complete life cycle of insurance policies with features including online quote and buy, built-in task manager and notes, real-time management information and document storage.

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Accuclaim is a claims management system that allows claims to be processed and tracked from first notification of loss to settlement. It facilitates a paper-free claims process where key actions can be allocated to staff, diaried and prioritised. Payment screens allow users to see payments as they are authorised, processed and paid.

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Why choose Accutiva?

Our systems have been managing schemes, policies and claims across numerous lines of business for over 10 years. All are web-based, hosted in the cloud and can be accessed securely from any location.


With over one million lines of code our systems are rich in functionality to help users transact business with efficiency and speed. Each offers a full feature set to allow end-to-end processing of schemes, policies and claims.


Our products are modular and can be used both off-the-shelf and tailored to specific requirements. Customised features can be added to meet the needs of client schemes and processes. Functionality can also be swapped between products.


All our products have our built in ‘transfer engine’ that enables data to be exchanged with other systems. Whether it’s data bordereau, policy or claims imports, accounts integration or the MID we’ll ensure that data moves without a hitch.


Our products each have a single code base. System upgrades are rolled out each month to ensure that all users benefit from the latest enhancements and functionality. We make sure our clients are not left behind with a legacy system.

Insurers, MGAs and Brokers…

We have a product for you

We have two core products for managing insurance schemes and polices. Underwriter Plus for MGAs and Insurers and Scheme Trader for smaller insurance wholesalers and brokers with niche schemes. Both use the same proven core technology. Features can be swapped between the two systems to ensure we can deliver a solution to meet the needs of every client.

Underwriter PlusScheme Trader

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