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Accutiva has three core products; UnderwriterPlus for MGAs and Insurers, Scheme Trader for smaller insurance wholesalers and brokers with niche schemes and Accuclaim for managing claims.

Underwriter Plus is a software platform that facilitates the efficient delivery and management of insurance products. Designed for MGAs and Insurers, it has a full feature set and supports transactions via multiple methods including EDI, bordereau and broker portal. Its automated reporting and audit capabilities keep users in control.

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Scheme Trader is based on the same powerful technology as UnderwriterPlus but is tailored for brokers and wholesalers with niche schemes. It manages the complete life cycle of insurance policies with features including online quote and buy, built-in task manager and notes, real-time management information and document storage.

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Accuclaim is a claims management system that allows claims to be processed and tracked from first notification of loss to settlement. It facilitates a paper-free claims process where key actions can be allocated to staff, diaried and prioritised. Payment screens allow users to see payments as they are authorised, processed and paid.

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Partnership and flexibility

Accutiva believe that partnership and flexibility are the key to success. Using the parallel skills if database technology and business process analysis we work with our clients and their teams to ensure the system we deliver fit our client’s processes and workflows ‘end-to-end’.

All our products are modular and can be used both off-the-shelf and tailored to specific requirements. Customised features can be added to meet the needs of client’s schemes and processes. Functionality can also be swapped from Scheme Trader to UnderwriterPlus and visa-versa.

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