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Flexible software for the insurance sector

About Accutiva

Accutiva Software Technologies Limited (Accutiva) is a software company that specialises in providing solutions for the insurance sector. It was formed in 2002 and has been working exclusively in the insurance sector for over a decade. Our systems have managed the complete life cycle of over a million personal lines and commercial policies.


Accutiva has three core products; UnderwriterPlus for MGAs and Insurers, Scheme Trader for smaller insurance wholesalers and brokers with niche schemes and Accuclaim for managing claims. One of the company’s strengths is its parallel skills in database technology and business process analysis which ensures that our products fit our client’s processes and workflows 'end-to-end'.

All of Accutiva's products use a single code base – system upgrades are rolled out each month to ensure that all users benefit from the latest enhancements. All are web-based and can be accessed securely from any location.


Accutiva believe that flexibility is a key to success. All products are modular and can be used both off-the-shelf and tailored to specific requirements. Customised features can be added to meet the needs of client’s schemes and processes. Functionality can also be swapped from Scheme Trader to UnderwriterPlus and visa-versa.

Corporate responsibility

Our employees

We place great importance on the development, retention and promotion of our team and operate an appraisal scheme to allow the employee and manager to provide each other with performance feedback. We value the involvement of our employees and inform them of matters affecting them.

Ethical Conduct

We expect our staff to act accordingly to the highest standards of ethical behaviour covering such areas as fraud, conflict of interest and Internet abuse.

Equal Opportunities

We are committed to providing equal opportunities to all employees, irrespective of sex, gender orientation, marital status, creed, colour, race, religious belief, ethnic origin or disability. Our philosophy is that all discrimination on any of the above grounds is abhorrent and it will condone no discrimination whatsoever.


The printing of documents is discouraged unless for audit or compliance purposes. Where possible, all waste is recycled.


Our staff are encouraged to use public transport or cycle to work in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. We operate a cycle to work scheme to assist employees that wish to purchase a bicycle.

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