Flexible insurance software

Looking for 2020 Design?

In September 2018, 2020 Design Liverpool Limited changed its name to Accutiva Software Technologies Limited in order to better represent the company’s focus on software development.

Why the change?

We've been developing software solutions, particularly for the insurance sector, for well over 10 years. Over the past few years we've felt that our company name didn't reflect the work we do so our board passed a resolution to change it.

What else has changed?


The change is only to our company name, everything else stays the same. Our company registration number has not been changed so we're still the same legal entity.

How will it affect me?

It won't!

All existing systems and email contacts will remain unchanged. We'll start to send emails from the new company (accutiva.co.uk) but all the old address will continue to work. Any invoices we issue will contain the new name but payment details and terms will not change.

What about up-2-date?

Although our focus is on software solutions for the insurance sector, we're still fully supporting our up-2-date website content management system and will continue to do so. If you have any support issues please contain us the normal way.